The Disciples of Gonzo

We are The Disciples Of Gonzo.

Gonzo like The Muppets , like Hunter S. Thompson , and yeah, OK smart-arse, like the porn too.

So we play what you’d expect us to play – loud, brilliant, energetic rock and roll (and punk and metal and anything else we damn well please) that hits you in the gut and kicks you in the mind whilst simultaneously giving you head. In a good way. We play songs we wrote and songs other people wrote, and yes that means we do covers, and no, that’s not a bad thing. There’s some awesome, Gonzo shit out there, and some of it you know and some of it you don’t, and we will bring it, whether we wrote it or not, because you need to hear it. We are also pioneering some live mash-up insanity that you haven’t heard anywhere yet, stuff that will melt your brain, and send little shooting darts of pleasure to hidden musical spots you weren’t previously aware of, and make you grin and want to jump up and down and possibly yell and mosh and freak out, and we say DO IT. Because life is very very short.

In case you can’t tell, I’m happier than a pig in shit to be in this band, and making this music with these people. They rule, and we rule. There’s a vibe we’re hitting that’s… well, it’s FUCKING GONZO, that’s all. There are recordings, but we live to play live because THAT. IS. WHERE. IT’S. AT. And you can disagree with that, and all it means is that you’re fundamentally wrong and need to get out more. And that's OK, because here we are. Live is the shit, and if you don’t know it, come see us and we’ll show ya.

Opening Prayer
Keep out
Our debut album “Welcome to the D.o.G House” is available for listening and download:
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